July 27, 2017

Value Offering

Business and brand re-modeling

A business model is a conceptual structure supporting the viability of a business. This comprises of the business purpose, goals, and plans in achieving its essence.
We provide innovative strategies in re-modeling your brand and business to better fit into the dynamic economic situation. The structure of a business or brand determines to what extent it aligns to the ever developing marketplace. We apply a customized set of tools to the structure of your business to give it a face-lift that it requires reclaiming a competitive spot in line with its vision and purpose.

Innovative investment weaving

The challenge in investing strategically to assure stability and relevance continue to threaten the existence of sustainable investment. We provide innovative investment strategies that not only aligns with the purpose, goals, and vision but also assures sustainability

Human resources support services

The success of a good business lies significantly on the capacity and efficiency of the workforce. We not only recruit, we train and prepare staff for efficient performance. We also provide staff related documents such as staff handbook, and other legal documentations.

Design of innovative marketing strategy

The competition in the present market environment is always growing steadily. Sales conversion is all about product and service presentation. At Cleshay, we design innovative and creative marketing strategies to present your product and services to break even in this highly saturated competitive market